Sapphire has hit most of the feature that make this package unique with badges on the box: a free copy of DiRT 3, HDMI, and fanless operation. The word 'Ultimate' trumps even the product name itself, with a blue-flame effect exploding from behind. The remainder of the logos on the front stay true to AMD's recent change in branding, especially since there is no shroud on the card itself to print a logo.



The back is a little more reminiscent of Sapphire's packaging, with the trademark Sapphire-girl standing next a table of highlights and thumbnail callouts. The box face is finished with a small snippet about the company's environmental awareness, and a box of awards that still seems to be missing something...


The containing box slides out of the art sleeve like normal, and opens to reveal disc and documentation atop the card and a cardboard compartment that holds the included HDMI cable (value item #1) and HDMI-to-DVI adapter. Amongst the paperwork is also an insert with a redeem code for the recently launched DiRT3 (value item #2). The HD6670 is wrapped in an anti-static bag and tucked in a cardboard sleeve to help protect the finished heatsink fins.




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