Similar to the 5770 FleX edition, Sapphire has crafted their HD 6770 to support triple-monitor set-ups without using an Active Adapter. This means that using the included DVI adapter, and the two DVI ports built into the card, you can equip your rig with three monitors. This also means that if you do have an active adapter for the DisplayPort, you can use up to four monitors! What does that mean for you? 5760 x 1080 gaming! Although admittedly if you plan on running any REALLY intensive games you should look at the HD 6870 FleX or HD 6950 FleX, or if you are extremely picky, either in Crossfire.

As for our experience with the HD 6770 FleX on a more standard resolution of 1920 x 1080, here are our results.











Our results show the HD 6770 coming in just above the HD 5770 in all of our tests. This small difference in most cases can be attributed to improvments in AMD's drivers over the past year. Thats not to say that this isn't a great card, its performance is still more than enough to play any game on the market. If you are planning on playing a few of the more graphic intensive games you will have to turn the settings down slightly for playable framerates, but as a budget card this is to be expected.

As for our testing beyond the HD 6770 Flex's in game performance. The HD 6770 performs well under pressure, keeping stable and cool. The fan does emit a quiet hum which is easy for me to notice when equipped on an open-air test bench, but unless you have super quiet case fans, you're not likely to hear it at all. All of this performance is spot on to our experience with the HD 6770's twin long lost brother, a card that we still use to this day in our Shuttle.

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