Board Layout
Cooling is addressed with Sapphire's typical combination of heatsink and central fan encased in a plastic shroud to channel the hot air through a half-vent on the double-PCI slot. Although similar in design to what we typically see in a reference card, this heatsink is of Sapphires design and different than the HD6770's reference cooler.



Under this vent you will find a black single-link DVI port, neighboring a white dual-link DVI port, which simply provides more bandwidth if needed. Above the DVI ports are a full HDMI port, and a DisplayPort. Again, this PCI layout is identical to that of the Sapphire HD 5770 FleX.


The HD 6770 is powered by a single 6-pin, position at the top right corner between the PCB and the shroud. Sapphire has ensured compatibility with PSU's by including a molex power adapter, just in case your unit is out or without the pins needed.


The back of the board is a clean blue PCB which allows us a little better view at the connections to both the motherboard PCI-e and CrossFire bridge, which is placed in the typical left-hand corner of the card.


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