If you're one hoping that the HD 6770 is similar to the 5770, Sapphire's packing will give you high hopes. The box for the 6770 FleX edition is almost identical to that of the 5770 FleX, give or take a few badges and orientation. Among a few buttons proclaiming the main features of the card, a reference box explains to consumers exactly what makes the fleX edition special. We, however, will make you wait until the Performance section of the review.


On the reverse side are further details about the card and features, as well as a list of included accessories. At the bottom, consumers can see an impressive collection of awards the company has earned throughout the years, though I can't help but feel it's missing a pretty big one...


The containing box slides out of the art sleeve, revealing the driver software and paperwork resting on top of a static-protectant bubble-wrap bag. Removing the cushioned card will allow the DVI-to-HDMI cable, DVI-to-VGA adapter, and 6-pin Molex connector to once again see the light of day.




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