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The last Lexar SSD I had in the office was back in May of 2021 but even in that long and with this being from their Pro line the packaging for the NM800 Pro does still share some of the same styling as the last drive. I would say though that this looks a lot more like a WD Black drive than their past look. The NM800 Pro has a black background with the Lexar brand name in the background with a glossy finish. They have a large picture of the drive right in the center which shows off the drive's styling as well as the model name on it. For trim, they did change things up for the Pro line using gold on the hanging tab up top as well as for the model name which is in the top right corner. To the left of that, they have the Lexar logo and the professional under it in white. Down along the bottom on the front, they let you know that this drive is capable of up to 7500 MB/s read speeds and they have a sticker for the capacity which this is the 2TB model, the largest size. The back of the box touches on three key features up in the top half and repeats the information from the front. Beyond that, the back is filled with legal information but you do get a small window showing you the sticker on the back of the drive so the serial number can be scanned and if buying in a brick-and-mortar store you can double-check the drive capacity as well.

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Inside the box, the NM800 Pro comes in a clear plastic clamshell tray that holds it in place and keeps it away from any bumps. The drive comes with a small bundle of paperwork with the warranty information as well. Lexar also always includes a small M.2 screw which is always awesome to find, it’s a lot easier to grab that then finding the screws in the bottom of your motherboard box.

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For styling, Lexar has a black PCB but you can hardly see it behind the full-length sticker across the top of the drive. I do like the design of the sticker though, they have the NM800 Pro model name in the top right sitting on a grey with squiggly stripes background. Then there is a gold line down the middle and the bottom half has a black background. This has the Lexar logo in gold as well as Professional in gold with the NM800 Pro model name repeated here in white. It also below that lets you know this is an M.2 2280 length drive which is the standard length, Gen 4 x4 which both Intel and AMD now have on their latest chipsets, and that this is NVMe.

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The back of the NM800 Pro is just a flat PCB without any chips or resistors. They did however use this space for another sticker. This one has the standard Lexar look with the black up top and then the rest white. This has the serial number and barcode as well as the part number and drive capacity. It also has all of the normal certification logos as well over on the right side.

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Before checking out what is under the sticker to see what Lexar is using for the NM800 Pro I did have to take the sticker off of the top. I was surprised that this sticker s a little thicker and has a similar material to thermal pads used to hold it in place.

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With the sticker off we can get a better idea of what is going on. The NM800 Pro has five main chips visible with the two NAND on the far end of the drive farthest away from the M.2 connection. Those two NAND tell us that our 2TB drive is using 1TB NAND each. They have the Longsys brand on them which is the parent company of Lexar after they bought the brand from Micron back in 2017. Each chip is etched with RC72TJB3AA41024 and from what I can tell are rebranded Micron B47R 1TB 176-layer triple-level cell chips. Lexar has the drive listed with a TBW of 2000TB or a little over 1TB a day written every day for five years. On the other end the larger chip is the InnoGrit Rainier IG5236 controller and in between the NM800 Pro has a cache with the Foresee FLXC2002G-N2 memory chip which is DDR4 and has a capacity of 2GB.  The small chip above that looks to be the power management given all of the traces going to it, it looks to say DHFDLB on it but I wasn’t able to confirm.

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