The last Qnap NAS to come into the office was a rack-mounted NAS which like most rack-mounted products went with a simple brown box for packaging. So the TS-233 coming in with a bright white box is a big change from that. The front of the box has a large zoomed-in picture of the top 2/3 of the TS-233 taking up almost all of the front of the box with the white NAS on the white background. Then to the side, they have the model name in a HUGE font. The Qnap branding is in the top right and much smaller. The picture itself shows the sticker on the side of the NAS letting you know this is a quad-core with 2 GB of ram but there is also a badge down in the bottom right corner that shows that again and lets you know this is a 2-bay NAS.

image 27

The back of the box has two more pictures of the TS-233, this time of the full front and then one of the back. This goes along well with the specifications which are listed right next to it as it shows you all of the connection options on the NAS. Qnap has a few icons that let you know that this has NPU AI Acceleration, support for hard drives or SSDs, snapshot protection, a copy button, and again they let us know this has 2GB of ram and a 2.0 GHz quad-core. Below that there is a listing of everything inside of the box and they have a link to a compatibility list for SSDs and hard drives. Up on top of the box along with the UPC, they do have the MAC and serial number listed as well.

image 28

image 29

Everything inside of the box slides out in a cardboard tray which has the TS-233 sitting in its perfectly fit location. The NAS comes wrapped up in plastic as well. There is paperwork up under the NAS and the quick installation guide is tucked into a slot right at the top. There is then a flip out portion of the cardboard tray which has all of the accessories inside. For documentation, you get a warranty information paper and a card with information on an extended warranty which has a QR code on it. Then you have the smaller folded up quick installation guide for getting things set up.

image 30

image 31

All of the accessories come wrapped up in their own bags. You get a 6 foot long network cable, an AC to DC power adapter, the power cable for the power adapter, and a bag with two small baggies inside which have the screws for installing your 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch drives. I wish these were labeled to make things easier for anyone who doesn’t read the quick install guide but the black screws are for SSDs or 2.5-inch drives and the silver screws have a courser thread and are for hard drives.

image 32

image 33


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