The last two TerraMaster products that came in both had the same simple box design with the TerraMaster logo in the center but both of those had a bright blue box itself. I was a little surprised that the D5-300 changed that up. But other than the blue being dropped for a basic standard brown cardboard the D5-300’s box doesn’t do too much to get your attention if you were shopping in a retail store. It is however no different than just about any product that is more enterprise-focused. You have the logo in the center on each side and then on one end, there is a sticker that lets you know what product this is. That has a second sticker over it which has the actual model number and the serial number as well along with a barcode.

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Inside the box, the D5-300 enclosure comes wrapped up in a thick clear plastic bag then it sits with foam around it on both ends. The foam keeps a gap from the D5-300 and the outside of the box to protect it and helps keep any drops to a minimum. It also keeps everything in the box from moving around including holding the accessories box in place.

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The accessories box comes with all of the documentation together. That gets you a sticker sheet with labels that you can label your hard drives with, a small book on the limited warranty, and then a paper with the web address with your setup information. The D5-300 also comes with a few important accessories for you to get going as well. The biggest of those is a power supply. This is a 12 volt 7.75 amp and 90 watt AC to DC adapter. It has a standard 12v DC plug on the end like most available power supplies so you could replace this if needed in the future as well. 

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For data, the D5-300 uses a USB 3.1 cable which has a Type-C connection on one end and Type-A or a standard USB plug on the other end. Then you get a few small baggies as well as a Phillips screwdriver. The screwdriver being included is a small but nice touch that means you don’t need to worry about getting any tools out to put things together. In the bags, TerraMaster has things divided up. There are two bags of screws and both are labeled. One is for 3.5 inch hard drives which all of those are silver. Then the other bag is for installing SSDs and 2.5 hard drives which use machine screws and all of those are black. There are two extra rubber vibration mounts, those come preinstalled in the drive trays but it is nice that there are a few in case you lose some. There are also two extra stick-on feet which I thought was interesting. I’ve never seen extra feet included except when they have you installing them. But I guess it is a good thing because our D5-300 came with one foot missing so that worked out!

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