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Starting with the packaging, Sabrent stuck with their standard look but flipped things around from the Rocket Q4 that I took a look at which had a white background on its box. The Rocket 4 plus box has a large picture of the drive on the front with the Sabrent logo up top. Then below that, they have the model name and a short description that lets you know it is a Get 4 drive. The capacity is also on the front down at the bottom right corner. Around on the back of the box, most of that is repeated with just the picture changing to a different angle and the back having a bar code and model number listed.

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One thing that Sabrent does that no one else does is with their packaging all of their drives have a tin inside of the main box. This is well above and beyond what most SSDs come with, which is normally a plastic clamshell if you are lucky. Sticking with the opposite of the Rocket Q4 here the sticker is black with the branding, picture, and capacity then the tin itself still has that brass finish. Inside when you open the tin up there is an installation guide up on top. Then the drive comes in a foam tray with an M.2 sized cut out to keep it safe. Then up on top, they have a small piece that sits in over the top of the drive as well that you will need to pull out.

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So the Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus is a standard 2280 length M.2. The drive itself has a black PCB then on top with Sabrient’s signature look they have a metal sticker. This has the Sabrent branding in the middle along with a second larger set of their hockey sticks. The capacity is over on the right and the model name is on the far left then the metal has the same color as the tin that the drive came in. The Rocket 4 Plus is available in three different capacities currently, the 1TB that I have here, a 2TB, and 4TB. The 4TB was recently added and the large sizes fit what Sabrent has been doing. They are one of the only companies pushing the limits on drive sizes.

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The back of the 1TB Rocket 4 Plus does also have a sticker on it as well. This one isn’t the metal style that also doesn’t as a heatspreader like on top. This side of the drive doesn’t have any components on it for the 1TB option but you can see through the sticker that there are pads that can be used on the larger capacity models. The back sticker has the model and serial number information which does mean your serial is hidden when installed but it also keeps the top clean looking.

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On the top, pulling the metal sticker off isn’t recommended in my opinion. Unlike other drives with stickers, the metal heatspreader stickers bend and never go back to the way they are after. So let this look under the sticker save you the trouble. Our 1TB model has four NAND on the left with IA7BG64AIA on them. These are Micron 96L TLC NAND and for the 1TB model, they are 256GB capacity. Next to those is a smaller SKHynix memory chip for cache which has the H5AN8G6NCJ which is DDR4 running at 2666MHz. Then at the end, next to the ram is a Phison branded chip which is the SSDs controller. This is a Phison PS5018-E18 which is an 8 channel controller.

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