The packaging for the TS-453DU isn’t like one of their tower NAS which you might find in retail. Being a rackmount NAS. So its packaging is your standard brown cardboard box. It has fragile warnings, but no other branding visible. When you get it opened up, inside you will find the TS-453DU wrapped up in a thick plastic bag and then sitting in two foam pieces to keep it safe in shipping. The foam has small trays cut out of the top for extra accessories, in this case, it is just the power cable which is location dependent and not put in the full accessory box. The accessory box is then tucked in a gap next to the NAS with its own foam panel on the outside.

image 39
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For documentation, the TS-453DU comes with a quick installation guide and a paper with information about the warranty in multiple languages. Then the accessories box is filled with a few different things. The NAS comes with a typical PC power cord as well as a 5-foot long ethernet cable. There are two thick steel mounting tabs as well as a small baggy of screws to install them. Then there are two more small baggies with black U shaped hooks that can be installed on to the mounting tabs if you use a pull out rail system to be able to grab the NAS. The two bags with warning labels are the screws for both hard drive and SSD installation. Sadly with so many other things coming in reclosable bags, I’m surprised the one thing that you might not need all of but would want to keep doesn’t. So don’t throw out the baggies from the mounting tab/screws.

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