Overall and Final Verdict

Being my first experience with Sabrent, I’ve been extremely impressed. The Rocket Q wasn’t the fastest drive that I have tested but it is still quick. I would normally complain about the blue PCB but the white and blue theme ties it all together and looks good. Sabrent even changed things up with the packaging and they include a nice tin which helps protect the drive as well. Its biggest benefit is that Sabrent isn’t shying away with larger capacities, in fact, you can’t even get the Rocket Q in a capacity lower than 500GB. A 2TB drive would be the largest size you can get in a lot of drives but they also include 4TB and 8TB options which are just crazy. Getting in the 2TB and above finally gets to a point where you can run just one SSD and not worry about what you are installing. Those biggest drives offer even more flexibility. My personal computer, over the last few years still hasn’t gone over 7TB with me installing any and all games that I pick up and or play.

Performance did struggle a little in some of the tests. Especially in the full PCMark 10 disk benchmark. More than that, overall when you look at the results you can see the Rocket Q staying close to the Viper VPR100 which runs the same controller but has TLC NAND where the QLC for the Rocket Q holds the drive back slightly. It does however help on the other end of things when it comes to pricing and this is where the Rocket Q stands out. When it's in stock you can get the 2TB model for $239.99 which only has the older WB Blue drive in that range and capacity and it is a slower drive. In the end, the Rocket Q ends up offering big capacities at good prices and performance which isn’t far off from the top of the charts!


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