The P50 is from the WD Black lineup so I think everyone can guess as to what the packaging looks like. It’s all blacked out with a flat black background and on top of that they have the WD_Black branding in a gloss black with a picture of the black drive over top of that on the front. I like that it sticks to the theme and it also lets you see the drive right on the front. They have the model name down at the bottom in a yellow so it stands out as well as the capacity which for this sample is the 1TB model. Below that they do hint at the performance potential with “Up to 2000 MB/s” and they mention that this is a portable SSD for gaming over on the left along with a “works with for the PC, PlayStation, and Xbox One” to let you know what the drive can work on.

image 1


The back of the box does have another picture from a different angle that highlights the aluminum cover and the Type-C connection. Beyond that they show the 5-year warranty back here and list what you get inside. Everything else is just that same information repeated in French along with the fine print down at the bottom.

image 2


Inside the drive comes in a formed plastic tray to keep the P50 from bouncing around and to keep it safe. They have all of the documentation and cables up under it. The drive comes with two different cables. One is a Type-C to Type-C connection and the other is a Type-C to Type-A cable. Both are short but rather than including an adapter for the end of the Type-C like most drives you can pick which option fits you best. I think all of the Gen 2x2 supported motherboards right now use the Type-C for that connection. But if you need to hook to a PC without Type-C at all it is nice to have the option.

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