The Crucial X8 comes packed up in a package that looks exactly like the last 2.5 inch Crucial SSD that I had come in. This has a dark blue background with a fade behind a picture of the drive in the center. The Crucial logo is up in the corner, highlighted by a light blue box. I think having the actual drive picture on the front is great and is very important. Crucial also makes the drive capacity very clear with it listed in the bottom right corner and also on the top edge as well. Below that they hit at the potential performance with an up to 1050 MB/s section and support for Windows, Mac, PS4, and Xbox One all listed. I did notice that our box has kind of a fuzziness to the entire print, I don’t know if maybe our sample’s box is a prelaunch box or if they had other issues. Around on the back there isn’t much going on. There is a link to support and they repeat the drive speeds across every language you can think of.

image 1

image 2

Now as far as inside of the box. Well, there is a plastic tray that has the USB cable wrapped up on the bottom. On top of that the X8 itself comes wrapped in plastic and inside of the tray. Beyond that, there is a small paper folded up as a welcome or startup guide which mostly is filled with the same information repeated in different languages.

image 3

image 4


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