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I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I heard about the WD Black SN750. They are obviously looking to set the WD Black brand more into the gaming market. Thankfully that didn’t mean throwing the word gaming on the drive or doing anything flashy like RGB lighting. In fact, Wester Digital did more of what they have done in the past. If the past Black drives are for gaming, the best way to go more gaming is more black right? I don’t know that it makes sense, but I love the idea and look that WD went with. The WD Black SN750 is all black and it looks great. Even cooler is the upcoming heatsinked version. Obviously, most laptop users won’t be able to use it, but pairing up with EKWB it is an amazing looking drive with the heatsink on it. Check it out!

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But that drive is to be taken a look at this spring, for now, we have to focus on the WD Black SN750 1TB that we have in front of us. As far as performance goes, well it didn’t jump out ahead of the previous WD Black all that much. That is because it is basically the same hardware. WD made their improvements from what I can tell in the firmware. This did help especially on the write performance. High queue depth testing there showed a drop off last year but this year it kept going up. So while they may not be setting new records, the WD Black 2018 was fast and the WD Black SN750 is at its worst on par but was in most tests at least an improvement. I also can’t ignore the new naming as well. For the last drive, one of my complaints was that the drive naming was confusing, at the time they replaced the WD Black with the WD Black, the 2017 and 2018 designations weren’t added until later and only online not on the packaging. They fixed that this time by including a model number as well with the SN750 designation.

I actually only took a look at the WD Black 2018 7 months ago, but even then its pricing wasn’t that bad at the time. It was on par with the 970 Evo at the 1TB capacity and offered a nice value at 250 gigs. The first thing I noticed when WD gave the presentation on the SN750 was it was now priced at $249.99 where the same capacity was $399.99 just 7 months ago. So I was curious how it compared now. Well the Samsung 970 EVO and the WD Black SN750 go toe to toe on every single capacity this time around. Sadly the Amazon pricing for the SN750 hasn’t dropped down to their suggested pricing just yet. But once available it will depend completely on which brand you prefer. Like before, that 250GB drive which should now be $79.99 (eventually) will be a great way to get a fast NVMe drive into a budget build.  


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