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For being just a tiny plastic drive, this has to be one of the best looking portable drives I’ve ever had in. The black top half with the styled metallic bottom half is really eye catching while still being simple. WD didn’t go with an over the top logo in your face, instead of going with a small logo on the front. On the back, the styled area is clean with just the top black area being used for a few things. They have the model name up top, the WD website address, then all of the certification logos. The last bit is all on a sticker where they have the serial number and part number as well as the capacity, basically anything that might change from drive to drive.

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There aren’t any buttons, levers, or anything else fancy on the entire drive. The business end of the drive just has this single USB Type-C connection to hook up the included cable. The cable has Type-C on both ends but does include an adapter for the normal Type-A connection that you will find on your PC. Type-C has gotten really popular on laptops recently so this is a great fit and you don’t have to worry about hooking it up upside down anymore.

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The pictures above really don’t give you any scale to the size of the My Passport SSD. I grabbed my phone, the Pixel XL for comparison. The drive is 3.5 inches tall, 1.8 inches wide, and .39 inches thick or 10mm thick. It is just barely thicker than the phone when you put them next to each other and it isn’t much larger than a modern day car key fob overall. So while it is bigger than most thumb drives, I think it makes the 1TB DataTraveler from Kingston look large in comparison.

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The cord that is included is thick and not all that long. You don’t need it to reach back behind your PC. You just need enough cord to be able to plug it in and set it down anywhere near your laptop and PC. OF course for my main PC, the Type-C is on the back but the included adapter lets me plug into the front. The adapter isn’t any larger than a normal USB connection end and with the Type-C you don’t have to worry about getting that part of the cable in correctly. I do wonder if a small carrying bag might make keeping the cord, adapter, and drive altogether a little easier.

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