The My Passport SSD actually ships in a really eye catching box. You aren’t going to miss this one on the shelf in a retail store that’s for sure. The bright yellow and white front is bright and they split the colors across the middle, matching the split in the styling of the drive as well. Up top, you have the WD branding as well as the product name. Then down on the bottom, there are a few boxes that tell us about the 3-year warranty, 515 MB/s performance, durability, the software, and of course the 1TB capacity. Around back they show that it comes with a Type-C connection as well as a small adapter and then just touch on the contents and compatibility.

image 1

image 2

When we get inside the box the drive sits on top in a formed tray. Up under it, the cord is hidden in the bottom of the tray and you get a small welcome page that says hello and a paper with all of the legal mumbo jumbo. Beyond that, the Type-C to Type-A adapter is also included.

image 3


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