If you haven’t been paying attention to the storage market for a while now you might be a little surprised to see that Toshiba logo on the front of the box for the OCZ VX500. Toshiba picked up OCZ and are now using it as a performance brand as an extension to their Toshiba branding. That said, beyond that the packaging follows the same OCZ theme we have seen for a while now. Blue is their color and they use a few different shades on the packaging along with an actual photo of the drive right on the front. We don’t see this enough, I love being able to see the actual product that you are getting with a window or a photo. Beyond that, the capacity is a sticker up in the top right corner and then the OCZ VX500 branding is in the bottom right corner.

image 6

The back of the box doesn’t have too much going on. They mention the compatibility including the size and the interface (SATA 3). They mention that it uses Toshiba MLC NAND, has TRIM support like any modern SSD, it includes a free copy of Acronis True Image HD, and they also have the 5-year warranty listed.

image 5

Inside the drive comes in a plastic tray and along with the drive you get a few different papers. You have one with information on the included True Image software with the product key on it. You have a small manual and information on support and RMA should you need it.

image 4


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