As expected the packaging for the Chronos isn’t anything different from the Striker or any other Mushkin SSD over the years. In fact, this is similar to how they have always sold their RAM as well. That isn’t a problem though. The drive is sealed up in a formed plastic clamshell. Up top are two reclosable latches that let you open and close the clamshell and is a major plus over having a sealed package for example. The drive sits in full view with basically a piece of paper in between. The paper has the black and green theme across it with the produce name and Mushkin’s logo across the top. On the back you basically just have three short general notes that don’t tell you anything repeated multiple times in multiple languages. I would really love it if they used this space to put a short list of specifications or some actual information on the drive, but the design they use is general enough they can use it on any Chronos drive.

image 1

image 2


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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36488 25 Mar 2015 15:36
Continuing with the storage theme, today I take a look at a 480GB Chronos drive from Mushkin!

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