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So at the end of the day where are does the Corsair Force LX stand? Well as I mentioned when we started, this is a price point drive from the beginning. Corsair kept things cheap on the casing and the controller to help this be an entry level SSD. Even still when I ran it through our benchmark suite the Force LX did stand out in some of the tests, specifically in a lot of the read tests. With a lot of our benchmarks combining both read and write results the weak write performance of the Force LX really held it back in a few tests.

With this being a entry level drive, what I was really curious is how it compares to other similar drives that are currently for sale. While the MSRP is currently 144.99, the Force LX can be found for $125.99. That puts the drive at just under a 50 cents per Gig. Just for comparison currently there are a few SSDs currently selling a little closer to $100. Specifically there is a Crucial drive with similar read and write speeds that I think is a good comparison to the Force LX. That said it depends on how much the Corsair name is worth to you as well because at its current price the Force LX is still a great deal and a good performing drive for a budget build. 



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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36293 20 Feb 2015 18:13
Happy Friday everyone. Today I take a look at a 256 gig SSD that you can find for around $125. At that pricepoint is this a great SSD, we will find out!

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