I love that right on the cover of the N7510’s packaging Thecus made sure to include a photo of the NAS itself. Sometimes companies get a into their theming and forget that people want to see what they are actually buying as well. Anyhow they keep things fairly simple, with a feature list over on the side of the photo, all of the applicable badges that they are required to show, and then the name up top. They did also include a note that the N7510 is the world’s 1st high value 7-bay NAS. This is because typically a 7 bay NAS wouldn’t run an Intel Atom CPU, going that route keeps costs down a little more.

image 6

Thecus used the sides of the packaging to pack in a little more information on the NAS itself. One side has its key features listed out with explanations. The other side is an image that shows how the N7510 can interact with the cloud, your PC’s, Printers, surveillance cameras, as well as syncing between other Thecus NAS’.

image 7

image 8

Inside the box the N7510 is protected by foam on the top and bottom and to keep it from moving around during shipping.

image 9

Inside the box, along with the NAS itself you get a whole pile of accessories. First off you get the power cord, of course. For documentation you get a quick installation guide, a warranty guide, and a note to check hard drive compatibility before starting. They bundled in a blue network cable on the off chance you need one as well. For software it comes with a copy of Acrinis True Image, Twonky Media Server, and their “universal” CD that you use for setting up some things. Last but not least you get a small baggy full of screws to install all seven of the hard drives into their trays.

image 22

image 23

image 24

image 25

image 26

We can’t forget the hard drives that Seagate provided us as well. Being “bare” drives there isn’t anything exciting about their packaging though. Each comes in a static protective bag, like usual. It is exciting to see 28 terabytes sitting their though.

image 1


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I forgot to post this earlier today, but I replaced the LanOC NAS months ago and finally wrote about the experience. Enjoy

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