Packaging and Overview

We get our first look at the ToughArmor bay on the front of the box. This preview is important because with the six dock bay will be taking up a 5.25” bay slot on the front of your case, you are surely going to know what it looks like. Also found here are some small little feature icons. There isn't much more real information here beyond the picture though.

6Bay 1

The rear of the box is where we get the specifications and another view of the bay, this time with the trays pulled out.

6Bay 2

Included in with the bay is a pair of 15-pin SATA power to 4-pin Molex adapters to provide the power, a small, simple user's guide and bags of screw for both the bays case and the individual trays.

6Bay 3

Finally we get to the ToughArmor bay. The design looks nice enough and has a very nice metal construction under its black coat of paint befitting the name. The overall product feels solid and weighs less than the optical drives that usually occupy the 5.25” bay slots when empty.

6Bay 4

Looking at the front we see the HDD grills. Each individual tray has a pair of LED indicator lights for power and operation unique to the drive install in that tray. Each of these trays is easily removable by pressing in a tab on the left side that unlocks a hinge that releases the drive from its connection and allows for removal.

6Bay 5

6Bay 7


Taking a look at the tray we see the simple design. By default each tray has a stand in guard to protect the internal hot swap connections and these guards have to be removed before installing your drive. Inside we can see the hot-swap connections for each drive.

6Bay 8

6Bay 9

The rear of the ToughArmor is where we find the 40mm fan, its control switch and all of the connections of data and power. The SATA connections are simple pass-through connections compatible with SATA versions up to 6Gbps SATA III. The fan switch has three settings for hi, low, and off. This fan pulls air through the front grates, over the drives and out into your case, acting as another small intake.

6Bay 6

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