Summary and Final Verdict

This drive, as tested in 128GB form, comes with a MSRP of $229.99 (although it can be found much cheaper online). It is a modest price to pay for the amount of performance you will receive from this drive.  All of the benchmarking has shown that this drive is deliciously quick, and if you must have that in your life, then it is a small price to pay for that level of performance.

I also really like the drive for its size. I am going to be going through the process of building an extremely portable gaming rig, and if you use a case like the LianLi TU200, you are going to want ever millimeter of space you can salvage In that type of case. Yes, this drive is not THAT much smaller, but it is enough for you to notice and may make the difference if you are trying to ram this drive into a tight space. In some cases with extremely thin laptops a thin drive like this is your only option too. At Least its blazing fast or I would have to complain. 

I will let you on to a little secret that you probably already know. Yes, this drive carries a high MSRP, but if you like to buy things from Amazon this drive can be had for significantly less money at $149.99.  That price is extremely competitive for what you get with this drive.

I previously mentioned "secret sauce" from Samsung, and while there is no such thing, since Samsung controls the entire process of this drive (from the chips to the manufacturing) they can optimize and create a drive that truly performs as well as can be expected. Exceptional onboard caching combined with component-level optimization really makes this drive a good performer and one that should be taken seriously. Perhaps, it should even end up in my build?



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garfi3ld replied the topic: #25750 15 Jun 2012 17:34
A look at a Samsung SATA 3 ssd. Sorry we didn't have better drives to put it up against. I'm going to fill in our database with a few drives I have around here for our next SSD review to give you guys a better idea of performance.

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