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As I am sure you have figured out, this drive is FAST. Heck, all solid state drives are fast compared to the spinning drives found in most machines. I was turned on to an SSD when I loaded (a slow by today's comparison) Intel 320 Series SSD into my iMac. Normally after the memory check/BIOS screen, I would have to wait several seconds for the desktop to load, and then an additional time for the desktop programs to load; with the SSD that was no longer necessary. After the memory test, the computer would be at a fully operational desktop with all my applications loaded and ready to go.

So why compare the speeds of SSDs when they are all noticeably faster than the spinning drives of "yesteryear"? You could argue that SSD speed does not affect gameplay at all, since once a game is loaded into memory hard drive reads/writes become minimal. However, there is a practical application for a fast SSD, besides a boot disk, and that is professional work in a program like Photoshop or Premiere. Using a SSD in those situations can seriously affect render time and make great scratch disks.

If you are the guy though that must have the fastest; the latest and greatest; this Samsung SSD is definitely something to look at. Again, as I mentioned, it is quite fast.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #25750 15 Jun 2012 17:34
A look at a Samsung SATA 3 ssd. Sorry we didn't have better drives to put it up against. I'm going to fill in our database with a few drives I have around here for our next SSD review to give you guys a better idea of performance.

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