Many hardware packages come in what I would describe as "Apple Styling", and this hard drive is no different. Sure the coloring is different, but when you open the top of the box you are presented with the hard drive, looking right back up at you. It is interesting when you remove the drive from the plastic; there is a black plastic "riser" beneath it. This drive is thinner than many SSDs on the market, and the riser is there to keep the top of the drive flush with the plastic tray (instead of engineering a new plastic tray).

image 2

image 3

There is the obligatory inclusion of software, including a surprise (not really a surprise, because it is written on the box) Norton Ghost software. Very nice.

image 5

Lacking is the inclusion of a SATA cable. For an enthusiast (and this is an enthusiast site) that is not a big deal, since your motherboard probably came with a plethora of these cables, but from a standard consumer retail point of view, I tend to dislike drives that do not come with cables to hook them up.

But then, if you dig deeper into the drive box and you uncover a cable that you do not normally see included with an internal hard drive and that is a USB to SATA bridge to make this drive an external drive! That is a very cool addition, and would be made even better if it was actually a USB 3.0 cable instead of a 2.0 cable.

image 4

image 9

There is also one other thing about this drive that really does need to be noted, and that is that this drive is tiny! Yes, all SSDs are small drives, but this one is about half of the size of a regular SSD.

image 1

This above picture shows the Samsung SSD on top compared to a "normal" SSD sive on the bottom.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #25750 15 Jun 2012 17:34
A look at a Samsung SATA 3 ssd. Sorry we didn't have better drives to put it up against. I'm going to fill in our database with a few drives I have around here for our next SSD review to give you guys a better idea of performance.

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