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The Enterprise 4X has a lot of potential.  I very much enjoy the design of the unit; it fits the futuristic Star Trek-like design that HornetTek clearly was shooting for.  It is important that if you are going to enter such a saturated market that the Enterprise is entering that it have a unique design.  It does deliver exceptionally well on that front.  The machine also has decent performance (again, some of that will be determined by the speed of the drive you have attached to it).  So far, so good then; right?  Yes, actually.  If I were reviewing the device solely on what it is advertised that it does, it would easilly get a 10/10.  Like the other HornetTek products that are reviewed, they all do what they advertise they do, and they do it well.  That should be a testament to the effort their team put into their products.  However, the Enterprise really is not complete without a network interface on it.  Without it, I will give the Enterprise an 8/10.  If it had the NIC, it would be a 9/10.  And if it had a NIC and built in RAID 1 (at the least) it would easily be a 10/10 product.  As time progresses HornetTek will undoubetly create a successor to the Enterprise, and I hope that with that realease they let us have an opportunity to revisit that product for an updated review!


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titleEarlier this month Star Trek: Online went the Free To Play model, meaning anyone can have their own starship and participate in one of the best science fiction franchises of all time! Why is that significant to this article?  It is significant because I am a Trekkie. I openly admit it. When HornetTek contacted us to do some reviews on their products, this product definitely caught my eye for two reasons. One, I like hard drive enclosures and external storage solutions. Two, it is named "Enterprise". There is even a glimpse of the good 'ole 1701 on HornetTek's website.

The question is; is the HornetTek Enterprise 4X an enterprise-level device that performs like the Federation flagship would, or is it just as useful as a self-sealing stem bolt? Read on to find out!


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