So you are probably thinking, is all of this hassle really worth it? I can buy a 3TB HDD from Amazon for $234.99 and have all the free space I will ever need! That is true, that is very true. A drive like the Western Digital green drive that I referenced will net a transfer speed of approximately 60-80MB/s (see reviews on Amazon's site). Whereas, you can see in the graphic below just how fast my SSD is (and I actually believe it is in need of a secure erase and reinstall).


Once you have an SSD and are managing the space effectively, there are a few tips that you should follow to better utilize the SSD and improve its performance. Many people that you should disable page files in Windows, especially if you have a decent amount of RAM to where paging really isn't necessary. A friend of mine has 12GB of RAM in his Windows 7 gaming rig, and he turned of page files to save the extra thrashing of the hard drive that occurs.

Speaking of disk writes and rewrites, you should also disable indexing of your hard drive (or Spotlight on the Mac). It is shown that SSDs have a finite number of writes available before the drive will stop working. USB flash drives are similar, and the data on those drives is often saved in such a way that a previous file is not technically re-written until absolutely necessary, distributing the wear of each sector evenly. Constantly indexing the drive for faster search is simply unnecessary with the fast read speeds of an SSD drive.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #21004 19 Nov 2011 04:35
A little mac advice from our soon to be PC convert
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L0rdG1gabyt3 replied the topic: #21006 19 Nov 2011 06:56
Very nice writeup. Even though the hdd in my MacBook Pro is a 500GB, I think I'm going to check out some of these programs to make sure every thing is running nice.

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chadkirchner replied the topic: #21017 20 Nov 2011 08:08
Not necessarily a convert Wes; a Mac will always be my day-to-day machine. But if I want to game, I need a PC. And if I want to write more for your audience I need a PC. That's all. :)
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olorinpc replied the topic: #21050 22 Nov 2011 09:47
heh, well it is good timing on this writeup as I am working on my first mod project which will also be a hackintosh build . Wouldn't call myself a Mac convert, but a new challenge is always fun :)

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