Everyone today has atleast one digital camera anymore. You can’t even buy film cameras at most retailers anymore. Some households have more than one along with other devices that require flash memory cards. When happens is you end up with 4 or 5 different cables to be able to transfer files to your pc. VIZO has provided us their Mirrorbox CR that works with a very wide variety of cards. They are far from the first company to produce a product like this, but they hope to produce one that has great functionality, performance, and style. We are going to take a look at the Mirrorbox CR to see how well they did at that goal.


Review Sample Provided by: VIZO

Review by: Garfi3ld

Pictures by: Garfi3ld


High speed USB 2.0 (backwards compatible with USB 1.1)
High transfer rate of up to 480Mbps
Transfer files between PC and digital devices
Compact design, Lightweight
Plug and play for PC platform
LED indicator for power and status
USB powered device. Low power consumption, no external power is required
Support SD High Capacity (SDHC)
Access all different cards


Supported Formats

Compact Flash Type I / Compact Flash Type II
Compact Flash ultra II / Compact Flash Extreme
Compact Flash Extreme III / Compact Flash HS
Compact Flash XS-XS / Compact Flash Elite Pro
Compact Flash Pro / Compact Flash Pro II
Hitachi Micro Drive / IBM Micro Drive
MagicStor / Memory Stick
Memory Stick Pro / Memory Stick Duo
Memory Stick Pro Duo / Memory Stick MG
Memory Stick MG Pro / Memory Stick MG Duo
Memory Stick MG Pro Duo / HS Memory Stick MG Pro
HS Memory Stick MG Pro Duo / HS Memory Stick Pro
HS Memory Stick Pro Duo / Memory Stick ROM
Memory Stick Select / Memory Stick PRO Ultra II
Memory Stick PRO Extreme / Memory Stick PRO Extreme III
Secure Digital Card
Secure Digital Ultra II / Secure Digital Ultra-X
Secure Digital Extreme / Secure Digital Extreme III
Secure Digital Pro / Secure Digital Elite Pro
Mini SD Card (adapter required) / HS Secure Digital
HS Mini Secure Digital (adapter required) / Ultra Speed Secure Digital
Multimedia Card (MMC) / Multimedia Card II
HS-RS MMC / SmartMedia Card
SmartMedia RAM / T-Flash (adapter required)
eXcellent Digital Card / SD High Capacity


Package Includes

All-in-1 Card Reader
USB Cable



The Mirrorbox was packaged in sealed plastic. The type of packaging that you struggle to open without cutting yourself while doing it. It does have the benefit of a great view of the product itself. VIZO kept it very simple this time, shying away from the rainbow of colors that you normally find on their packaging. Along with keeping it simple the front basically has the product and company name on it. On the back you will find al list of all of the memory cards that it supports along with other specifications.


Installing the Mirrorbox CR was as simple as plugging the USB cable into the computer and then into the Mirrorbox itself. You won’t have to run or install any software unless you are running on a Windows 98 computer. If that is the case I question whether you will even have a need for the card reader.


Performance for most people is going to depend mostly on the memory card they are using. Some are faster than others. I used the Mirrorbox to transfer pictures from our digital camera to the computer. I normally use the cable that comes with the camera. The cable of course was a little simpler because I didn’t have to pull the memory card out. I did notice a major speed difference between using the Mirrorbox and the camera cable. I also found that the Mirrorbox works great with Micro SDHC cards for cell phones when using a Micro to standard SD adapter. The adapter wasn’t included but you normally get them with each SDHC card.


VIZO has produced a multi card reader that performs great while still being small and stylish. I didn’t find any real problems with the Mirrorbox in fact. It is similar to any other card reader on the market. I also wasn’t able to find it available for sale at any of the main online retailers; I hope that this is fixed in the future as it is a good product. If you are looking for a glossy black memory card reader then this is perfect for you.

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