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The eufy Security Floodlight Cam 2 Pro comes in a significantly larger box than any of the other eufy Security products that we have had in before it due to the size of the camera/light but the box has the same blue and white theme that all of the eufy Security products have had. This includes the V-shaped blue bottom and the white background on the front. They have a large picture of the light on the front but the model name is actually in the smallest text down in the bottom right corner. The largest text lets you know the camera has a 350-degree coverage area and above that in a smaller font eufy tells you that this is a 2k resolution floodlight camera. The eufy branding as well as the Anker branding are in the top left corner and in the top right, you have a shield shape that lets you know that there are no monthly fees. They repeat that and the resolution down in the bottom left corner and also mention the 3000 lumens brightness of the lights and this being a pan and tilt camera with the logo above that text. The side of the box shows the eufy Security app and touches on a few functions that you get like two-way audio, activity zones, and notifications. Then on the back, the eufy Security Floodlight Cam 2 Pro has three pictures that show some of its functionality as well as a line drawing showing how eufy Security devices can be tied in together to cover all of your home. Below the pictures, eufy lists out more of the key features and each has a short description with more information.

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The outside of the box with all of the information on it slides up and off and behind it is a blue box with the eufy shield logo in the middle. That box opens up and inside the camera/light sits in the middle sitting between two clear plastic clamshell trays to keep it from moving around and to give some space to protect it from damage.

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There is also a blue box with the eufy branding on it, this has all of the accessories for installation inside of it. You get a quick start guide and then two eufy shield-shaped cards. One lets you know that they value your privacy as much as you do and the other is a sticker that you can use to let people know you have 24/7 monitoring. There are two other bands, the smaller of the two just ahs a microfiber cloth to clean the dome on the camera and the other is larger and has everything else for installation. You have two sets of three wire ties, of two different sizes depending on the size of the wires you have in your home. There is a short USB cable needed to put power to the camera before installation for camera and wireless setup and a large strap with a hook on it that helps support the camera/light during installation. The two blue round pieces cover the center mounting screw once everything is installed, you get two in case you need to get back inside. Then you have the mounting bracket and the main big screw and a baggie of smaller screws for mounting the bracket into your box.

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I should also point out that eufy was extra careful to try to protect the eufy Security Floodlight Cam 2 Pro during installation with blue plastic wrap all over the dome and any glossy plastic. There are also stickers over each of the LED light panels which they ask you to not remove until everything is installed and set up so that you don’t blind yourself or I would imagine scratch up or damage the front lenses.

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