I’ve known a lot of people not willing to install their own thermostat and given how important it is, especially in the middle of a cold winter like we are right now I wouldn’t blame anyone for being concerned. For reference, in the past, I have installed 3 or 4 thermostats in my time. So I am comfortable with it but I would never consider myself to be any sort of expert. So when jumping into the Nest Thermostat installation I wasn’t worried but I did want to take my time. I read up on the install and was surprised how easy Nest has made it. I was starting with a digital thermostat already. First, you turn off the power to your furnace at the breaker box. Then I took the front off carefully and that exposed the wiring connections. From there I took an original photo just in case I would need to hook it back up later or to reference anything. Then I used the included tags that Nest gives you to label what connection each wire is hooked up too. Sometimes wire colors don’t match what you expect them to be hooked up too and depending on your configuration you can use only a few wires or a lot. In my case, I have 5 wires in use.

image 25

image 23

With the wires labeled I took the time to patch the holes from our old thermostat and I noticed that there had been multiple holes done in the past. With the Nests small size, it wasn’t going to cover them up. I also tried to sand down the ridge of paint that had built up around the original thermostat as well. Then when I was done I painted it all with some matching paint I found in the house. We do plan on painting this room a different color in the future, so when we do that I will do little better job. I was actually doing this with very little light in the room as we had just moved in and our new lamps hadn’t come in yet at the time so it doesn’t look as good in these photos as it did when I did the patching lol.

image 31

Nest I got the Nest baseplate out and hooked up our five wires to the connections matching out labels. You press the button and they slip right in. It is extremely easy. This was nicer than the screwed down connections in our old thermostat. Thankfully Next included a really nice screwdriver to remove those. Once everything was plugged in I then pushed the extra wire back into the wall and screwed the baseplate to the wall. It has a built-in level at the top to help get the install perfect. You can put in the top screw first then use the level to get the bottom just right.

image 32

Once that was done the Nest Thermostat snaps right on to the baseplate. Run turn your breaker back on and now you can get into the initial setup. You have to use the outer ring to pick your language, setup your wireless internet connection, your location, and what type of heat and air conditioning your setup is running. With that, the Nest is up and running. In my case, because the heat had been off while filling holes, sanding, and painting so the heat came right on. While doing this you also need to use the code the thermostat gives you to link it to your nest account as well.

image 34

image 26

image 27

image 28

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image 33

Getting the Nest Protect was even easier. You have to scan the QR code on the back of the device with the app to get it linked. From there it will ask you your wireless info to get it connected and online and for you to name the location. Before you do any of that though you do have to pull the tab to connect the battery on the battery operated device. Once linked you just need to use the four screws to install the mount and then the Protect turns to latch onto the mounting plate.

image 11

app 14


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