For the packaging on the XG850 Plus, Platinum ARGB Cooler Master has stuck with their bright purple theme for the background but they have gone full 80’s with the addition of turquoise and pink as well which they started using last year for their Cooler Master Summer Summit. The colors all go together perfectly and are very eye-catching but even with that the large picture of the power supply in the middle is still easy to spot. They have the XG850 Plus Platinum ARGB fully lit up with its aRGB lighting as well as the wattage display on the side on as well. Beyond that, the front of the box has the model name in the biggest font to the left with the platinum in the name in silver to match that as well. The Cooler Master logo is up in the top left corner and is relatively subtle with their outline logo and the thin black font that is easy to read but isn’t drawing your attention away from the model name. Then down along the bottom, they do give you a few hints about the XG850 Plus Platinum ARGB with the 80 Plus Platinum badge, a badge for the 10-year warranty, one showing it has Japanese capacitors, and the last one for the MasterPlus+ software used to control everything.

image 1

The purple background continues around to the side where there is another picture of the XG850 Plus Platinum ARGB along with a specification listing that at least lets you see the wattage breakdown and the power connections supported. I think they could also help by mentioning that this is an ATX power supply there as well and have dimensions, I know that ATX is by far the most used form factor but if I were looking to confirm that the specifications are where I would look. That said the back of the box does have a line drawing with the dimensions so the information can be found and they do mention it being an ATX power supply in the section talking about it being an in-house design. Beyond that the back has efficiency and fan curve graphs to show how those perform, I’m surprised that the fan doesn’t turn off at low wattages. They also have a picture that shows the cable layout and connections on each cable.

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When you open the box up, right up on top you have an installation guide paper to help you get the USB connection hooked up and a full user guide that even includes a full pinout of every cable. That part being especially helpful for anyone who may want to make their own cables in the future for the modular design. Below that the PSU itself comes wrapped in a microfiber bag and then sits in between two different foam trays to keep it safe. The cables also have their own bag which is heavier duty and stays closed with Velcro so you will have a way to store your extra cables.

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