Even without digging into pure performance which again I suggest you check out before deciding on a power supply. The Dagger Pro 850W does have an interesting mix of things that I like and things that I don’t like. I love the heavy texture that the powder coating on the enclosure as well as the gold accents used on the back and on the plug side for labels. Even the information sticker which matches that same finish is nice, but then on the sides where they have the branding stickers, they miss out completely by covering the nice finish up rather than printing that on or at least using a similarly textured sticker like on the info sticker. I like that FSP has wattage options available because not everyone needs a high wattage option like the 850 watt that we have here, but it is nice that the 850 IS an option for anyone looking to do a higher end build. The 80 Plus Gold rating is a nice happy medium where you get decent efficiency without going with the full high end and I like that the fan does shut off at lower usage.

The Dagger Pro 850W is fully modular which means you can pick and choose what cables you want to use or make your own cables. I do wish that you would also get a back to store the extra cables but the Velcro strap is better than nothing. I like that they also include an ATX to SFX bracket as well which adds a little more value. But with the cables, I start to wonder why the cables are so long, at least with most of them. The PCIe cables are in line with what most SFX PSUs have, in fact not having the daisy chained setup is an improvement there. But then for the rest of the cables, you get cables designed for a full-size case. This with the ATX bracket does make this a great option for larger cases if you want a smaller power supply to make room for something, but for actual SFX if you are using the Dagger Pro 850W you are going to be fighting with all of the extra cable and in some cases, I don’t know that you will have the room to deal with them.

For pricing, the Dagger Pro 850W has an MSRP of $179.99 and on Amazon they have had it listed at 189.99 for some reason, both being directly from FSP. But at least right now on Amazon, you can get the Dagger Pro 850W for $152.90. The V850 from Cooler Master is what I would consider to be a direct competitor for the Dagger Pro 850W and its black version is selling for $142.99 so the Dagger Pro 850W is a touch high even at the sale price but FSF isn’t far off in its pricing at least with the sale price.

Live Pricing: HERE



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