What I like about the Pure Power 11 FM 1000W from Be Quiet is that they have designed it aesthetically to be clean and simple with its all blacked-out design. But in areas like the fan, it stands out compared to other budget-focused models. In other words, the money is invested in the areas that matter, not in fancy styling LED screens or RGB lighting. The Pure Power 11 FM lineup is available in all of the wattages that you might need including higher wattages like this 1000 watt version that will help support the power-hungry CPUs and GPUs that we have been seeing recently. You get full modular cables and almost all of the cables are the easy to work with flat flexible cables, I do wish the 24-pin cable wouldn’t be sleeved but it does have the flat cabling behind the sleeving so I guess you could remove it if you wanted. It has a 5-year warranty which isn’t too bad and 80 plus gold certification does seem to be the sweet spot right now for efficiency and cost which is exactly what they are aiming for with the Pure Power 11 FM lineup.

Like I mentioned before, none of this is performance testing so I would still recommend checking out full reviews which include that as well. But as far as features go, I like what Be Quiet is doing here. For pricing, the 1000-watt model is selling for $159.99 on Amazon and is a little cheaper on Newegg. That is cheaper than the EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G6 which is $174.99 and the Corsair RM1000x which is $169.99 which have a similar configuration. The EVGA 1000 GT on the other hand is a little cheaper at $149 so the Pure Power 11 FM 1000W is priced right around where it should be assuming its performance matches its feature set.

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