Grey and purple, they make it clear this is a Cooler Master product right away by sticking with the normal color theme with grey on the front and back and purple at the bottom of the front and on all of the outside edges. The front of the box has a full picture of the power supply which features the modular connections which tells you right away that this is fully modular. Combine that with the model name which tells us the overall wattage, that this is an SFX power supply, and that it is 80 Plus Gold rated all at once. For everything else you might want to know cooler master put a few badges down in the corner which mention that this is 15% fanless and that the warranty lasts an impressive 10 years. They touch more on those on the back of the box as well where they explain things more. They also have a full breakdown of the cables includes on the back, a line drawing with dimensions, and efficiency and fan curves as well to give you a good idea of what to expect. They even have a full specification listing on the side as well.

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When you open up the box you have the user guide up on top, but next to that is also a large reclosable bag used to hold the included accessories. Under all of that, the power supply itself comes wrapped up in a bag and with foam trays on top and bottom to keep it safe. They also have all of the modular cables in their own bag. It isn’t a nice canvas bag like some power supplies get, but it is at least better than no bag at all to store your extra cables which a lot of PSUs have been going to as well.

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For the accessories, I was really surprised that Cooler Master went out of their way to include an SFX to ATX adapter. In fact, not only is it an adapter but it has a nice textured black powder coat finish and the Cooler Master logo on it. A lot of SFX options have dropped the adapter all together or include a basic unfinished version. In the past, I’ve had to buy these on their own or have mine painted or coated because I love using SFX PSUs in SFF cases that only support ATX PSUs. To go with it you get two sets of black screws, one for the PSU and another to mount the adapter. Cooler Master also didn’t skimp on the wire management, you get more zip ties than I’ve gotten with some full-sized power supplies and also two reusable Velcro straps as well.

image 7

While not packaging specifically, Cooler Master also covered the power plug with a large sticker to give a warning that the fan doesn’t come on under 15% power loads. Lots of people don’t see the fan on and freak out, hopefully, this will prevent a few support calls.

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