I love seeing these SFX form factor power supplies getting more and more efficient and more and more powerful and Silverstone has been doing their part in that for years now. Small Form Factor builds have been getting crazier and crazier now that they have been getting more traction and a much bigger variety of cases, especially when it comes to custom limited run builds from the community. With those crazy builds you have a lot more people trying to wedge high power components and especially with Intel and AMD really fighting hard that means a lot more power is being pulled. When I did my first few LAN rigs with SFX PSUs you could only really expect to build with a mid-range video card and something like an i5 for the CPU most of the time due to power and heat. That has been tossed out the window and with most SFF cases now supporting full-sized video cards you can do anything you want. You actually NEED a lot of power available and the 700-watt point is exactly what you need when doing a high-end CPU and GPU in a build. There have been options available at the SFX-L form factor for a while now at that wattage but at the smaller standard SFX size it is just Silverstone and Corsair.

Now, of course, I haven’t done full on performance testing, which is why I don’t consider this a full review. Even worse my two go-to recommendations are also gone. But you can check out that testing on the SX700-G at Tomshardware and thefpsreview. Beyond that though the SX700-G has the connections and power needed to support those high power builds and while aesthetics are a little bland, it will actually fit in cases the SFX-L won’t. My only concern was pricing. These high wattage SFX PSUs are never cheap for obvious reasons. Smaller doesn’t mean lower prices, it means everything has to be packed into a smaller form factor. But the MSRP that it was selling not too long ago wasn’t that bad. It was listed at $144.56. Sadly after having to shelf this article for a while SX700-G pricing has gone a little crazy to the point of being a big issue. At under $145 this is a good value when compared to the only other option for high wattage SFX form factor, the SF750 from Corsair. But right now the SX700-G is $179 on amazon and $204 on Newegg. The Amazon price puts it right at the same price as the Corsair with 50 watts more power and the Newegg price is just crazy. Hopefully, the pricing will be coming back down. I think this is a good pick up, but it flips depending on the pricing with the SF750. So if you need that extra power in your next SFX build, check out the SX700-G but just be mindful of whatever its pricing is at the time.

Live Pricing: HERE

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