While Silverstone stuck with the black background for the SX700-G’s packaging I think the use of gold for their logo dropdown and a few other things on the front of the box really stand out because of it. There is a large photo on the front of the power supply, but it is so large you can’t really tell this is an SFX power supply. That said I’m always happy when I see the actual product on the box, I hate shopping in retail and having to look things up to even know what I’m actually getting. Silverstone is really good about the information though. Right on the front, the model name is in the largest letters along with the 80 Plus logo right next to it. Then they have SFX and 700 watts in the second largest font. Down at the bottom they have a full list of features including things like the silent running fan, strict voltage regulation with low ripple and noise, fully modular cables, and they even mention the flat cables.

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Around on the back half of the box is just repeating the feature list across 9 more languages. But they do use the top half to dive into a few of the listed features with more information. Each also includes a photo or a graph to show things like the efficiency, the ripple, and how the fan curve works to keep noise down. Also on the box, around on the edge, they have a traditional specification listing and they show all of the cable connections you get along with pictures and quantities.

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When you open the box up right up on top they have all of the documentation and it is a lot more than you might expect. The biggest is Silverstone’s normal black box which just has all of the non-model specific instructions in it. Then there is a second book in white with all of the model specific information. There is a small warranty information paper and then a paper that I couldn’t reach that seems to be a checklist of some sort.

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Once you get the documentation out of the way the SX700-G itself comes tucked away up under a formed piece of foam. It has another foam piece up under it protecting it from all directions and then it also comes in a plastic bag as well. Then next to that they have all of the modular cables. I miss the days when every modular power supply came with a bag or a box for the cables. The SX700-G just has a cardboard cover over them to keep them in place but when you go to save any extras later you will have to keep the full PSU box or toss the cables in your motherboard box or something else.

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