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So if you haven’t seen an SFX sized power supply before they are significantly smaller than a normal ATX power supply in all three dimensions. You can find them in two sizes as well, the original SFX size and what most companies call the SFX-L which is similar but longer with matching width and depth dimensions. The NJ450-SXL falls into the SFX-L size with its 125 mm width 130mm depth and 63.5 mm height. SFX-L isn’t supported by all SFX cases but it has been used in the past for the higher wattage models and sometimes to fit a much larger fan to keep the noise down. In the case of the NJ450-SXL, it isn’t the fan because there isn’t a fan and it isn’t wattage because the 450-watt rating isn’t all that high. Silverstone needed the space to keep temperatures down with the aluminum extruded casing which acts as a heatsink.

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So without a fan, the top and bottom of the NJ450-SXL look exactly the same with the aluminum extruded case putting a lot of fins on both sides so that no matter how this is mounted it will get airflow across them. One side has a small sticker over one of the mounting screws but overall you can see the 8 screws holding both panels on. There are two wider groves for four of the screws and then at the top and bottom a wide flat area that isn’t grooved at all for the other four.

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It’s a little boring because the NJ450-SXL is basically a box with a thin aluminum heatsink all around it but both sides have the same extruded aluminum with groves in it as well. They don’t have any exposed screws though, the outside screws on the top and bottom panels are what hold the sides on. Everything is anodized in black for that standard power supply look.

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Okay, finally a panel that isn’t just covered in the extruded heatsink! This end of the NJ450-SXL is what would face out in cases that mount the power supply with the power cable exposed. A lot of the SFF cases, however, will even hide this end inside. Anyhow Silverstone took advantage of this space to slip a sticker on with the model name, wattage, DC output breakdown, and all of the required certification logos. Normally this would go on the top opposite of the fan but the extruded heatsink casing doesn’t allow room for it. Also on this end is a power switch and power plug. This view also gives us a good look at the depth of the extrusions, the top and bottom aren’t as thick but the sides have a lot more surface area with the fins. Those thick sides are also where Silverstone has slipped in the six mounting holes that give a few different mounting options.

image 16

The inside facing end of the NJ4540-SXL is where you will find all of the modular cable connections. To keep things simple they have a sticker with labels for all of the plugs just below them but a few of the plugs like the 24-pin and the two blue plugs for the PCIe cables will be easy to spot even without the labels. The four pin connection up in the top left is the Sense connection which is paired up with the 24-pin motherboard power. They use this to sense the voltage output at the 24 pin to improve voltage regulation. The one 8-pin that isn’t blue is for the EPS or CPU power and then the three 6-pin connections are all for the accessory SATA and Molex cables. You can kind of get a feel for the overall SFX size when you notice how much room a relatively basic amount of connections fills up the back. Especially with the actual size of the PSU being smaller to fit the heatsink around it.

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For cabling, Silverstone shipped everything in a reusable box that you can store any extra cables in. All of the cables use the flat cables which are now basically standard. This design is flexible and thin which is very helpful when doing cable management and fitting cables up under things. These cables are also noticeably shorter than what you would get with a full ATX PSU, you don’t want to have to pack a 24 pin cable long enough for a full sized case into a small case. The 24 pin with its extra 4 pin sense cable is just over 13 inches long and the 8-pin EPS is four inches longer at 17 inches long. Both PCIe cables are the same blue plugs on one end and the other end has two 6+2 connections. The first is at 17 inches and the second has 5 inches of cord from the original plug. This gives you the option to run two independent cables to a video card or just one using both connections and the 6+2 plugs cover both 6 and 8 plug PCIe connections. Then for accessory cables you get three which matches the number of plugs on the NJ450-SXL. All three are just over 28 inches long, one is Molex and two are SATA power. The two SATA cables are the same with four plugs total per cord with the connections at 13, 20, 24, and 28 inches. Then the Molex cable has three plugs total at 13, 20, and 28 inches.

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