For packaging, the NJ480-SXL is all blacked out with a medium sized photo of the power supply over on the left. Then the model name is in large letters on the right. Above that, they have the wattage and the Nightjar branding which is what Silverstone calls their fanless models. The 80 Plus Platinum badge is prominent and next to that they have all of the NJ450-SXL features all listed. Around back they relist those same features across another 10 languages. Up top, they show the efficiency graph and photos of the flat cables and modular connections.

image 4

image 5

Down along the bottom edge of the box Silverstone also included a small specification list that includes the wattage/amperage breakdown and dimensions. There is also a connectors breakdown with photos and the quantity of each connection which is great for people who might not know the names.

image 6

Inside right up on top, they have the documentation. The all black book is a standard one that comes with all Silverstone PSUs with general information and then there is a smaller manual specific to the NJ450-SXL.

image 7

image 8

The power supply comes wrapped up in a plastic bag and sitting in a foam tray on its top and bottom. The foam is without a doubt going to keep the NJ450-SXL safe. Besides that, the black box houses all of the modular cables. Also in there is the power cable, four black mounting screws, and a small Molex to floppy power adapter.

image 9

image 10


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