Well, there isn’t any of that purple that Cooler Master likes to use, but the MWE Gold 750 does have that dark grey that they have been using. The box has a photo of the power supply on the front, the photo shows the fan and the modular cable connections. Below that they highlight the 5-year warranty, the 80 Plus Gold certification, and a Dc to DC topology with icons below the PSU picture. On the left side, they have the MWE Gold 750 name with the 750 wattage being the largest. Then around on the back, I like that Cooler Master included efficiency and fan curve graphs. Efficiency graphs are nice to use when you have an idea of what wattage your system is going to pull. You can make sure that you aren’t going to be pushing the PSU in the lower efficiency ranges at the start and end of the wattage capacity. Same for the fan curve, you don’t really want to be constantly running the PSU in the range at the end where the fan is running much faster. Beyond that, they just have a few features listed over and over in different languages.

image 1

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Also on the packaging, they did slip in a breakdown of all of the connections you get along with photos of each of them for anyone who might not know what their names are but know what they look like. That said they call the Molex a peripheral connection and I will forever call it Molex even though I know that is also the connection brand.

image 3

Inside the box, there is a layer of foam up on top and then a foam tray that the power supply itself sits in. All of the cables are just stuffed in the box to the right of that with everything except the power cable and 24-pin all wrapped up together and those two individually tied up. That means there is no bag or small box to store your extra cables in. I know this saves money, but it does mean someday when you upgrade your PC you will be hunting down cables trying to find them. A smaller cardboard box for cables would be enough for me. Beyond that, they did include a user manual. It has all of the pinouts for each cable should you need it, gives you installation instructions, and has information on the warranty and troubleshooting. They also include four black screws for mounting the PSU, but in addition to the cable bag being cut, there were also no zip ties. I would have liked to see at least a few included. I know most cases come with them, but I have come to rely on both the ties included with the case and PSU to get everything cleaned up and tidy.

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