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Like I said before the SFX-L form factor actually looks just like a normal ATX power supply when you don’t have anything to show scale. This is because while it is smaller, it is actually just scaled down on each dimension. So the SX700-LPT doesn’t really look like anything out of the ordinary in the photo below. We just have your standard all black power supply with every cable being fully modular.

image 12

The side profile of the SX700-LPT has the normal model sticker with the required regulatory stickers. It also shows the AC input options and a breakdown of the max power and how much wattage each output has available. Then, of course, there is a Silverstone logo and the wattage in big letters as well.

image 13

For a long time, I didn’t mind partial modular power supplies and even now there isn’t a big issue with them. But moving to a fully modular power supply opens up a few options for people who like to customize their PCs. For starters, Silverstone can sell shorter cable packs. The other option is being able to go with custom cables. This includes individually sleeved cables in any color or colors that you prefer and with some of those manufacturers you can even get each cable in the length you need. The SX700-LPT has plugs for each connection that you might not use to keep them clean and then down at the bottom they have included a sticker with labels for what each plug does. The 24-pin is obvious but they did help by making the PCIe connections bright blue so they don’t get confused with the 8-pin CPU power.

image 14

The other side panel is a lot less exciting with just a couple basic stickers. I was surprised Silverstone didn’t include a second branding sticker here. Most manufacturers put one on this side as well and flip it over in case you have to use your power supply with the intake facing up.

image 15

The back isn’t anything exciting as well. We have the plug for the power cable and a power switch. The switch itself isn’t available on all of the SFX power supplies so I am happy to see that here. Beyond that the rest of the back is cut in a honeycomb mesh to vent the warmed air the intake fan pulls in.

image 16

The top of the SX700-LPT best shows the finish on the entire power supply. It is powder coated in a semi gloss black with just a slight texture. The Silverstone logo is stamped into the top as well.

image 17

Well here it is, one of the main reasons to go larger than the SFX form factor is to fit a bigger fan. Silverstone fit a 120mm intake fan. It is covered with your standard steel ring grill and it has the Silverstone snowflake logo right in the middle. If we look past the grill we can see that the fan has a glossy finish and 13 curvy blades. I don’t see a fan that matches it on the Silverstone website.

image 18

O for a little scale I did bust out the measuring tape. To help give you a better idea of the size. The SX700-LPT is 5.11 deep and 4.9 inches wide and 2.5 inches tall.

image 19

image 20

image 21

Beyond the additional wattage, the SX700-LPT also stands out from the other SFX power supplies in the connections it has available. Beyond the normal 24-pin and 8-pin CPU connection. You end up with two PCI cables, each with two 6+2 connections to cover any variation on the 1 or 2 power plug video cards. This means you can handle two video cards, any other SFX power supply is only going to support one. You get one Molex cable with three connections on it and to go with it a 4-pin floppy adapter. Then the last three cables are all for SATA power connections. Each has three SATA power on it but one of the three cables is twice as long.

image 7

Speaking of length, for the most part, the cables included are in line with other SFX cables. The 24-pin, for example, is 13 inches long. This is shorter than a normal ATX case, so if you are planning on using the SX700-LPT as an ATX replacement make sure your cables will reach. In the smaller form factor builds though the shorter cable length is extremely important, if not you will have a complete mess of cables.

image 10

I talk about this on almost every power supply because almost all of the have them now. But I’m really happy the SX700-LPT has the thin cables. They are a lot easier to work with, more flexible, and don’t require sleeving to look decent in your PC. The thickness is thick enough that you can even tuck them behind motherboard trays that don’t normally support any cable management as well.

image 8

image 9


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To start the week off I take a look at Silverstone's new 700 watt SFX-L power supply
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I have the SFX 600G version and loved it, must get my paws on this one soon :)

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