Like I mentioned in our disclaimer at the start of our coverage. In order to keep up the standards we use in other LanOC reviews I can’t in good conscience put the SF600 through halfhearted testing and say it’s great. Testing power supplies to our standards requires equipment that we don’t have. So today we aren’t doing a full review, just a preview by taking a look at what the SF600 is about. So beyond performance testing, what do we know about the SF600? Well for starters I’m really excited to see other manufactures jumping into the SFX market. More options are great for everyone and help drive improvements. In this case I think Corsair has set themselves apart with the SF600 by adding a little styling that is missing in the Silverstone PSUs. In addition, the larger fan and fan vent means better cooling and less noise as well, especially with the fan turning off in lower power usage.

The Corsair SF600 has the same flexible cabling that I love on the higher wattage Silverstone SFX PSUs. Good cabling is the difference between a good looking build with airflow and a mess of thick wires that has no airflow. In larger builds even mediocre wiring jobs can get by but in a small form factor build that airflow is the only thing keeping your new LAN rig from overheating. I would have liked to see Corsair include the SFX to ATX adapter like Silverstone, the corsair adapter is painted though and available directly from them for a good price and also on Amazon.

Speaking pf pricing how do the Corsair PSUs compare? Well currently the SF600 is available for $199.99 and the SF450 is available for $89.99. The Silverstone 600 Watt is selling for $189.99 and the Silverstone 450 Watt for $88.99 (I linked everything in case the prices change). So basically the Corsair SFX power supplies are priced exactly with the competition leaving it up to preference. Both companies have a good reputation but I am loving the upgraded cooling and better styling on the Corsair SFX PSUs. So much so in fact, that I’m considering dropping the SF600 in a new Lunchbox project build that already has the Silverstone in it.

Live Pricing: HERE

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Today we check out the Corsair SF600 SFX Power Supply

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