The box for the SF600 was noticeably larger than the Silverstone SFX power supplies but still much smaller than what you would see with a normal ATX power supply. The box is also a lot brighter as well with its bright yellow trim. On the front the main focus is on the photo of the SF600 in the middle. The yellow highlights the model name as well as the SF Series up in the top right corner. In the top left is the Corsair sail logo as well. If the SF600 wasn’t obvious for the wattage they also include the wattage right above it as well. With that they also have the 80 Plus Gold certification as well as the impressive 7 year warranty. Down along the bottom they highlight a few features in three different languages as well.

image 1

Up on the top edge they make it easy to figure out if the SF600 has enough connections for you with photos of each connection along with the name and the number of each you will have.

image 2

The back of the box has a few photos of the power supply but they are a little small. You can see the modular connection as well as a picture of the fan. They also have the 80 Plus efficiency graph as well as a graph of the fan noise in relation to power output. I love this graph because you will be able to see exactly where your build will cap out on fan noise assuming you have an idea of what your build needs for power.

image 3

Inside the box the documentation is up on top and then under it the power supply is secured with thick foam on both sides. This is why the box is larger, Corsair used about the same thickness in padding that a heavier full ATX power supply gets. There is no way your SF600 is going to come in damaged from being banged around.

image 4

For documentation you get a warranty guide that goes over the 7 YEAR WARRANTY. Then the manual itself breaks everything else down. The manual covers both the SF600 and the SF450 and is in multiple languages. In fact look at how thick it ends up being, I think the manual actually takes up almost the same cubic space as the power supply itself.

image 5

image 6

For accessories you get a thick power cable and a small bag. In the bag you get a thin metal Corsair case badge, black screws to mount the power supply, and a nice supply of small black zip ties. What is missing here though is an SFX to ATX adapter like the Silverstone options all have had. I complain because Silverstone only sends an unpainted grey adapter, but at least there is one. Corsair does have one and they sell it on their website for $5 plus shipping. It is also painted or powder coated in black as well so that is a major plus.

image 7

Once we get all the way inside the box the SF600 actually comes in its own velvet drawstring bag. Then of course the cables do as well. This is a little un needed really, if you are using the power supply you aren’t going to need the bag. That said they can always be useful around the house. The cords having a bag on the other hand is very helpful, you rarely use all of the cable so it helps to keep the extras all in one place.

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Today we check out the Corsair SF600 SFX Power Supply

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