I know it’s a little weird, but yes this power supply comes with its own software. What sets the Toughpower DPS apart from the Toughpower Grand is the Smart DPS Software. So what is it all about? Well when you open up the software you get access to all of your voltages, fan speed, amperage, temperatures, wattage, and efficiency. How would this come in handy? Well for starters typically you have no idea how hot your power supply is running, being able to get a peek at the temperature is a nice bonus. Being able to see what efficiency you are running at is nice as well but what I found myself using the most is the wattage readout. A lot of people really have no idea how much power they are pulling at any point in time, being able to see your wattage at idle and under load is great, especially if you are considering adding a second video card or any other upgrade. You do get a few readout options as well. For one you can see five of the readouts at once under their icons, but with the readout selected you can get a gauge or graph.

software 1

software 2

software 3

software 4

software 6

The software also records all of your readouts anytime your PC is running. This means if you run into an issue and you think it is power supply related you can actually go back and look to see if a voltage dropped. For me I put this to use to go back later on and see how much power my LAN rig pulled when running different games.

software 5


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