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The Toughpower DPS G 750W stuck with the same casing that we have seen with Thermaltake’s premium power supplies for the past few years. What that means is the casing has rounded corners where a traditional power supply with have right angled corners. This gives the power supply a classy look. That classy look is aided by the use of gold in the fan grill.

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So as you can see the Toughpower DPS G is fully modular meaning every cable including the motherboard power and CPU power are modular. A lot of other power supplies will save money and only go modular on some cables. This makes doing individual sleeving much easier not to mention it is helpful in situations where you might run two power supplies, you won’t need to hide the extra cabling. The 24 pin power connection is split up into two plugs but other than that everything else is standard. The two PCI plugs are colored in red to help make sure you don’t accidentally hook up your CPU power to a PCI spot or the other way around. Really the most interesting part here is the small USB plug down at the bottom of the photo that lets us hook the power supply up to USB so the software can pick up on what is going on in the power supply.

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The rear of the Toughpower DPS G is mostly covered in ventilation but you do have a standard power cord connection as well as a power switch.

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The gold fan grill is screwed down from the outside but is mounted from the inside meaning you can’t just unscrew it and pop it off. This was a bit of a bummer for me because my original plan was to pull this off and paint it to match my build. I should also note that while it looks like it is metal it is actually made out of plastic.

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On the side of the Toughpower DPS G Thermaltake put a small version of their logo and slightly larger branding for the model name. The 750 watt logo takes up most of the space though. They did also slip in the 80 Plus Gold badge as well though. Other than that the red band continues all the way around the sides unbroken. All in all this is what you will see with this power supply installed in most cases and it looks good. I might prefer a slightly cleaner design but it is still going to look good.

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I mentioned it in the packaging section, but Thermaltake includes a nice heavy duty bag for storing all of your extra modular cables. I know in the past I have mixed up my cables a few times, so it is nice when they include these bags.

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So for cables Thermaltake went with a thin flexible design on every single cable including the 24 pin motherboard power cable. Typically this cable uses a more traditional standard cable with sleeving over it. It’s great to see that they matched this with the others, both to keep the styling the same but also because the thinner design should make rounding the largest cable in your PC much easier. For your video cards you get two PCI cables with two 6/8 pin connections on each cable. So that means one cable per video card. To set these apart from the 8 pin CPU power cable they have red connections. For my use in the In Win D-Frame Mini the red and black theme went perfectly with everything else. For the other cables we have the 8 pin CPU power that I already mention, two Molex cables, and two SATA cables. For the one person who still has a floppy drive Thermaltake also slipped in a nice Molex to floppy adapter, I’m really glad they didn’t build it into the cable still like some other manufactures.

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Beyond the cables you do get a few other accessories. For starters you get a heavy gauge power cable. Thermaltake also includes two rubber corner pieces with double sided sticky tape on the inside. Because of the round corners of the Toughpower GPS G you will need these to fill in gaps on the corners when you mount the power supply. They don’t provide any structure, but they do keep you from having tiny gaps at the power supply mount. They also include two small zip ties and four black screws for mounting. I do wish they would include more than just the two zip ties though, I know when I do a build I use at least 10 with some needing to be a little thicker than these.

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One of the cables that really sets the Toughpower DPS G apart is this black USB cable. This is how Thermaltake’s software picks up on what is going on in the power supply. It isn’t a thin flexible cable like the other cables, but it is still blacked out and flexible enough, similar to a front panel USB connection.

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