The Toughpower DPS G comes in a fairly standard power supply box. On the front there is a photo of the power supply, the branding, and then along the bottom there is a gold strip with the wattage in large letters. Also along the bottom with the wattage are a few small logos like showing the 7 year warranty, 80 Plus Gold certification, and icons showing SLI and Haswell compatibility. On the back of the packaging Thermaltake includes a few more small photos of the power supply along with photos from inside and of the software. They also include a specification listing and a nice connector table that shows all of the different connectors that you get with the Toughpower DPS G, each also includes a small photo of the connection.

image 1

image 2

Inside the box, you get a small manual that mostly just has your specifications and information on the modular connections. The power supply sits in a thick foam shell to keep it safe and then the power cord and all of the modular cables come in a nylon bag with a Velcro flap to keep everything inside.

image 3


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