Sadly we just aren’t equipped to be able to test the SST-SX600-G up to our standards, because of that as you may have noticed we don’t do performance testing on our power supply coverage. Additionally without testing I can’t do a pros and cons or any awards, I would really hate to give out an award and then find out later there were issues that I couldn’t see because of our limited testing. That said I would highly recommend checking out the testing that both HardOCP and JohnnyGURU did to see just how well the performance is. That said I have been extremely impressed with the upgraded power supply.

Over the past years I was very happy with the 450 watt version and frankly I have yet to find a need in any small form factor build for more wattage using ITX sized video cards. But having 600 watts and a higher efficiency opens up things even more for builds that have room for a full length video card. The change from standard sleeving to the flat and flexible cables was also a big help as well. Not only will the new cables be easier to route but they also look a LOT better as well. Once again Silverstone has released another SFX power supply that just doesn’t have any completion. I’ve heard rumors that another power supply company has been looking to bring out something to compete with Silverstone but currently there haven’t been any announcements. Being able to pack this high of a wattage into such a small form factor is a real accomplishment.

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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36008 24 Dec 2014 14:13
I hope everyone has a great holiday. Before you camp out with your families, check out today's coverage of Silverstones new SFX power supply with an impressive 600 watts in a tiny package
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SpeedBump replied the topic: #36145 09 Jan 2015 22:46
Good read. I would like to add/correct something in your article. The 450W version also carries a Gold rating. There are 2 different 450W models. One is the ST45SF-G which is what I have and it is a Gold. The less expensive ST45SF is also a 450W, but is only a 80+ Bronze. BTW, I have been running my PSU since June of 2013 and it has been a solid unit with not one issue. I certainly will be looking at buying the new 600W if I need another SFX PSU.
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garfi3ld replied the topic: #36149 10 Jan 2015 02:33
yeah the 450w version we covered previously was the older Bronze rated version, the gold model I think came out along side of this 600 watt model

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