FSP ran with the platinum theme right from the start. The Aurum 92+’s packaging is trimmed out in platinum. This includes the branding on the front and a box with the wattage on the cover as well. Also on the cover is a large photo of the platinum trim on the power supply itself. Down in the bottom left corner the included the 80 Plus Platinum logo, a badge showing its 5 year warranty, and a badge that says “USD 5 Millions Product Insurance”. Ignoring million being plural, I assume this means they have insurance just in case there is ever an issue with the Aurum 92+ product line, this is a little weird to have on the cover but I guess it’s a good thing.

image 1

The back of the packaging is where most of the power supplies information can be found. There is a full breakdown of the max amperage and wattage for each voltage. Below that you have a feature listing and also Efficiency and Acoustic Noise graphs. Down the middle they have highlighted more features with badges and short explanations. On the right is my favorite part, they have a line drawing of each of the included cables. This documents what is modular and what isn’t as well as how many of each connection type you will get.

image 2

When you pull the cover off you will find an all-black box with the FSP logo on the front. Inside the Aurum 92+ is protected with about an inch of foam on each side. The modular cords are in their bag inside of the box on the right side. The power supplies documentation is sitting on top. The non-modular cords are actually hidden under the cardboard that says Play Time.

image 3

image 4

I will get into all of the random accessories in the next section, but here is a shot of the included User Manual. There isn’t much to it, nor does there need to be.

image 6


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Today I take a look at the FSP Aurum 92+, if I remember correctly someone one a similar model at the LAN as well. See what its all about

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