The GXII should be a consideration for any build looking for solid performance at an affordable price. Equipped with a variety of connectors, including some floppy love and a thought-that-counts USB 2.0 non-stop power function, there should be no problem finding power in a medium-end gaming build.  The HDB fan upgrade is a nice touch, but if you’re looking for further enthusiast features such as sleeving, modularity, or the best efficiency, I’d recommend browsing some of Cooler Master’s other offerings. However, if you’re looking for the power and reliability your rig needs without the paying enthusiast premiums, the GXII line should be at the top of your list.

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Author: Lersar
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Adam is a big proponent of LAN parties, esports and speed-running, and helps organize our semi-annual LAN events. He has covered hardware and software reviews of a wide variety, but most content these days come from event coverage, such as other LAN parties.

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