Even though the front of the box has a lightning, it’s still easy to spot that this is a Cooler Master product. The white and purple design shows through the flair added to the front. Of course the M2 Silent Pro parts, as well as the 1500W, are by far the most dominating parts of the packaging. That is until you pick the box us at least, this box weighs a ton. Around back they have graphed out how the Silent Pro M2 1500W’s fan will speed up as load is increased, meaning nearly silent performance until almost 50% load, aka 750 watts. They have also included an efficiency graph showing the efficiency curve. It’s interesting to see in this case because you see peak efficiency around the 50%/750 watt mark as well. They also included a full specifications listing and power breakdown on the side of the box. This power supply pushes a whopping 1440 watts to the 12 volt circuit for example.

image 1

image 2

image 3

Inside everything is secured and protected by foam. The Silent Pro M2 1500W’s instructions and documentation comes right on top but is very small. If you need a power supply of this size, you really shouldn’t have much need for them anyhow. Under that you can see the power supply itself is wrapped in plastic and packed with all of the cables tied up nice and neat. This will be the last time this monster looks so nice and neat though!

image 4

image 5


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An overview of Cooler Masters latest PSU.

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