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The packaging for the Viper Venom RGB kit has a full box over top of a plastic clamshell which is similar to past Viper kits. The front of the box has a large picture of the memory taking up most of the front which I like. The Viper Gaming logo is in the top left and then the model name is in the bottom right with a metallic gold finish. They do go a little crazy with the Viper branding with the logo, the Viper logos in the picture of the memory, and then also including Viper with the Venom name. The RGB kit is set apart with the RGB logo in the bottom left corner as well as having the lighting lit up in the picture of the memory on the front. Then in the top right corner, they show the capacity and configuration of the kit as well as the clock speed with a sticker that way the same box can be used for multiple models. On the back, there are windows with RGB colors around them for both sticks which let you see the serial numbers and confirm the model. The windows are larger than normal and let you get a look at the real memory as well. Beyond that, the back of the box highlights a few features with icons up top and they have all of the social media links for Patriot/Viper as well.

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When you open the box up, the Viper Venom RGB kit comes out in a clear plastic clamshell tray which keeps both sticks from moving around and keeps them protected but visible with the box windows. Beyond the memory itself, the only other thing in the box is one Viper Gaming sticker.

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The Viper Venom RGB kit comes with diffusers on both sides of the black PCBs. They are 2/3 black but the black transitions into a grey which gives the kit a little contrast. Viper branding is all over the memory with the Viper Gaming logo in red on the black and the Viper name in red on the grey sections. The RGB diffuser on top is visible from the side of the kit on the ends and in the groves as well as a small thin section at the top above the grey section. The groves match up with the angled bars bulging out on the heatspreaders which is also how they transition between the black and the grey. Both sides of the memory look exactly the same with the black on the left and the grey on the right and the notches at the top don’t line up with the other side. In fact, the only thing different from side to side is that the back side has stickers on them which have the serial number, model information, and a large bar code.

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The top edge is where the action happens so to speak with the RGB lighting. For the non-RGB models, this is a black bar. But for the lighting to work the top is a white diffuser bar to diffuse the lighting out for more even lighting. The diffuser has the Viper branding in the center and they do wrap around on the ends as well sitting in between the heatspreaders on each side.

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