Performance testing the Strimer Plus extensions isn’t complicated really. There aren’t any metrics that we need to see them reach. It's as simple as checking out the lighting. For that, I tested them out on our test bench. I took a few pictures along the way, but being addressable LEDs the only way to really show them is with video so I have also included a video of flipping through all of the lighting modes. You can see how I routed the Strimer Plus 8 extension for the video card up where it would normally need to be flipped around, this was just to keep both close together to make them easier to see. Normally you would need to pull the RGB off and flip it around. The other big installation point is that you really have to remember that adding the lighting on top of the cables does make them stiff, you aren’t going to be able to bend these as much as any other cable extension. This is really important on the motherboard 24 pin where in a lot of cases you come right out and it 180’s and plugs right in with almost no cable visible. Not only would that defeat the point of these extensions, but it also wouldn’t be possible. So plan on leaving room.

image 15
image 16
image 17
other 1
other 2
other 3
other 4

I actually think the pictures better show just how bright and vibrant the Strimer Plus is for lighting. But the video below shows all of the different lighting effects you can get using the included controller. Now the 7 different colors that they allow you to use does skip over orange, which is one of the main colors I would most likely want to use if I used these in a build. But that is where plugging into your motherboards Addressable LED header is important to have as an option. At least with that, you can dive into more complicated colors, though I do wish the controller was USB controlled with software or had R G and B buttons to tweak the color, similar to how Cooler Master does the on the keyboard controls for their lighting.


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