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It's funny how sometimes companies are jumping at the chance to be involved with a build, but when you get to cheaper hardware you sometimes can’t get ahold of anything. The original plan was to go with RGB memory for this build. Specifically the Corsair or G-Skill models. Both were all for being involved but had to back out later because of a lack of availability. The DRAM shortages this year left stock short and us without memory to go with. I dug through what I had in the office and the HyperX Fury kits that I use on our test benches were a good choice. They don’t light up or do anything fancy, but they are reasonably quick and the black heatspreader on top will at least blend in with everything else. The two sticks give her 16 gigs of ram and run at 2666MHz. I, of course, can never leave things alone though, I may order an RGB kit later as I finish up the build.

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For an SSD the NAND shortages are even worse than the DRAM shortages. I literally couldn’t beg for a drive if my life depended on it. None the matter, to at least get things rolling I pillaged a large capacity Patriot Ignite from my Fridge build. It isn’t NVME or M.2 but it is still quick for a SATA SSD and that’s really all I need. My wife has been living off of a normal hard drive for years now. Her SSD died and after everything was installed on a hard drive she wouldn’t let me wipe it and start over. So I imagine it is going to be like she crawled out of the dark ages even at these speeds.

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Then to cap things off I did still need more capacity for all of her games. I upgraded her from a 1TB drive to a much faster 6TB Seagate SSHD. Not only does it have MORE than enough capacity for the next few years for her, but it also is going to be quicker on transfer speeds than her current drive. All in all, I was still able to gather together solid picks for all three of the needed components. There are still a few more things to finish on the build though, who knows what I might find or buy!

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